I started painting in 2005 when my eldest daughter asked what I would like for Christmas.. I said I had always fancied a go at watercolour painting. At Christmas I was duly presented with a starter kit, which I still have apart from the paint.. I had never been able to draw anything with any measure of success  but having received the gift I had to make use of it. Now I am much more confident in my efforts and found out just what I, or anyone else come to that, is capable of when you make a determined  effort..
I ventured into oils pastels and acrylics but found oils the hardest to use, especially when trying to blend or add highlights because oils take much longer to dry.
I learned much from my fellow members of the Brighouse Art Circle (see links on home page)  There or members at different stages of ability  and all members will help anyone who asks. It is a friendly circle but more of that on their site.
I used to go out every Thursday with two friends from the circle and we painted in oils outdoors. That was a bit daunting at first with everyone passing wanting to see what you are painting. However, it soon becomes the norm and doesn’t scare you any more. To be honest, it is quite enjoyable and therapeutic, especially in decent weather in the Yorkshire dales. The friends have now given up because of age so I don’t go out anymore either.